Friday, 11 January 2013

Photo Alteration- a test to my photoshop skills...

Orginal Image - with girl in middle

Altered image - no girl
I was given the task from a friend to see if I was able to remove
  a girl from an old photograph and re-alter the image. ( see orginal image -center with buttoned coat.) 
It was test to my photoshop skills lets just say!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Customise Selection
Shows information of the fabric selected specifically for your sporting needs.
Customise your item by selected your own colours.
Shop part of the app - buy already made prodcuts within the range.

An app based upon the sports performance fabric company to promote the company and products.
The app can be used in two ways - to shop for all ready made products within the brand, or to create and customise your own item specifically for you and your sporting needs to enhance your performance.


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Mercury - Corporate Identity Guidelines

Logo in colour, black and white, and product logo.

Business card for company

Products and Branding Corporate Guidelines. 

 Performance sports fabric manufacturer.

Art Directed Magazine - Memories Magazine

A magazine based upon memories and how people are able to recall past events, such as looking at old photographs, visiting places, people and even music.

Long awaited Year 2...

 Splash Page

Turn Page

A magazine exploring the depletion of the Arctic and the effects there from it.