Thursday, 31 October 2013

Website Design for..'Thomas Armstrong Renewable Energy'

We as a university year group were asked by the people of Thomas Armstrong Renewable Energy - to recreate and design their website. Their original website lacked direction, it was functional as in the way it worked - but that was about it. It hosted the relevant information for potential buyers to know the different types of renewable energy and what they individually all did, but collectively as a website it didn't provide the quality and reassurance of the companys branding or anything really much else. 
Individually we were to design their website with our own solutions to the problem. My solution was to create and design a website that engaged the viewer/potential client. I wanted to 'sell' not only the products on the website but to 'sell' the whole Thomas Armstrong service and experience. I wanted to show to clients the individual care they give to their customers, from the planning- designing, to installation, to 5/10 years down the line the maintenance services. I wanted the customer to feel individual, and sense that all their energy solutions could be solved by a small phone call to one of the Thomas Armstrong advice team, to book an appointment. 

This is what their current  website: 

This was my designed solution to their website:

I have created a long scrolling website for easy and accessible use, aimed upon their main targeted audiences of farmers and agricultural workers who may not have great time or skills to be trolling for information. I have highlighted the use of the words 'You', 'Your' to make the customers feel individual. Each panel will give a direct link to that section of the website, for example 'Technology that is designed to save you money' will link to straight to the products section of the website. My main focus and goal of the website was to get viewers to book an appointment, therefore the phone number had to be clearly displayed. 
Top section of the website would be a moving panel of a slide show of three slides, describing the main benefactors of Thomas Armstrong. (see other slides below)

Slide Two and Three: 

Products page of website - Selected onto Biomass Heating section:

Contact Page: 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Paul Laidlaw's Antiques Branding

Our brief was to design and create a branding identity for Paul Laidlaw, an actioneeer from Antiques Roadshow, who is setting up his own auction house in Carlisle.
I have created a full stationary set, letterhead, business cards and envelopes as well as website homepage and advert in which I have set within real advertisements for local auctions.