Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Art of Being Odd...

As part of our university work, we have to share with the world all the little and BIG things that can make us seem a bit odd, quirky.. or just down right barking bonkers...
  • My hands and feet turn purple in less than red hot tropical temperatures.
  • I am constantly cold.
  • I love penguins, I would go to any length to have one as a pet - I promise it could live in my freezer!!
  • I am an old lady trapped in the body of a 22year old. I drink endless amounts of tea.
  • I have the bed time of a small child.. I genuinely believe my bed misses me. 
  • My bug bare is chipped nailvarnish.. My fingers and toes nails have to be painted - no chips.
  •  I am an ex-gymnast.. those who can't do teach, I am now a gymnastic coach and well now and again like to show the kids I can still be 'down' with them.. Never hanging up my leotard!
  • I dislike the smell, taste, and even thought of fish.. Tuna actually makes my skin crawl.
  • I cannot stand mess.. I am that person who tidies up other peoples rooms/houses when they leave the room.
  • I have childrens size 3 feet :( - sad times.
  • I promise my hairdresser every time that I will never cut my own fringe ever again.. I always return apologizing looking like something out of 'This is England'.
  • I prefer talking to strangers on the phone, rather than family members - Sorry guys!
  • There isn't a bone in my body that doesn't crunch, crack or creek.
  • I live in my pjs. If it was socially acceptable to wear them outside the house - I would!
  • I secretly enjoy having something to moan about.. I am a miserable git I know.
  • I have conversations with myself in my sleep.
  • I prefer eating the cake mixture when baking, to the cake.  

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