Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dyslexie is a typeface for dyslectics.

My new brief is to create a topic of protest, and come up with a campaign using mainly typographic elements. My topic of protest is of 'misused and over exaggerated medical terminology'  focusing mainly on the issues hypochondria and self diagnosis from the internet, and how this effects and wastes that of doctors time.
One of my over exaggerated and misused terms is that of dyslexia, how it is seen a ' popular' disease.. when really most people just are lazy and are unable to spell due to lack of thinking, or mainly - not being able to find spell check!! - In todays society we rely so heavily on computer aided spelling devices - it it built into our smart phones, web search engines, ipads etc.. (how do you think this posting is all spelt correctly!) but when it comes to actually thinking about spelling a word without such use of technology we joke and laugh and brand ourselves as having such a disorder.

So, my topic - I wish to stop people misusing these medical terms, as for the unfortunate people who do have to live with these diseases,illnesses, disorders - how this must affect them, how they see people brand themselves or joke over such serious issues.

With my research into dyslexia I have found that typography and fonts have been developed to help with such situations and how having dyslexia really feels and affects daily life.. 

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